Since its inception in 1892, Liverpool Guild of Students has been an institution of pioneers; providing a voice to attendees of The University of Liverpool and being the place where everything takes place. Coinciding with a £14.5 million redevelopment of their on campus site, we helped reposition Liverpool Guild of Students back at the heart of the student body. We created a visual language which would speak both to and for all 20,000 members — from the mature MA students to the fresh faced undergrads. Changing the organisation’s name was central to the transformation; once again known Liverpool Guild of Students, it is more clear and succinct than the previously used ‘LGoS’ acronym. This, together with a new marque, created a more recognisable and distinctive identity; a flag for all members to carry.

We extended the flag motif to bring together all 170 clubs and societies as well as The Green Guild initiative. The team at Nomad RDC, responsible for the new buildings interior design, carried the brand into the physical spaces; adorning walls with mountains & maps – underpinning the brand’s the core idea of ‘pioneers’.

Interior architecture by
Nomad RDC 

Photos by
Photography by Anderson

Sting by