Part unashamed nostalgia trip and part showcase for the innovative digital fan-art of the noughties, Popped! was a celebration of teenage obsessions.
An online archive of fan-art spanning the last fifty years of pop culture as viewed through the eyes of teenagers then and now. Contributions were received from around the world.

Cotton’s Children:
Installation and iPad app developed by a team of young people aged 16-20 years old working with Smiling Wolf and games company Onteca. The game/artwork was commissioned as part of the major 2012 exhibition “COTTON: Global Threads”.

Picking cotton in the sweltering fields of Uzbekistan, or scavenging for scraps beneath the Spinning Mule machines in a Manchester mill…the lives of children and young people working in the cotton industry today are as hard as they were two hundred years ago. Play “Cotton’s Children” to discover whether you could earn enough to survive.